'Let Me Out'


If you've been keeping up with me lately, then you know I was recently involved in a wild ass car accident that left my car totaled, resulting in me having to either drive rentals or be transported around by Uber or Lyft (for free, because the other driver was at fault) until I get a new car. While I'm sure these Uber and Lyft drivers meet some pretty interesting passengers throughout their day, us passengers also have come across some rather peculiar drivers.

The other day I was catching an Uber home from work. My driver was a guy named... Honestly I don't even remember. But he looked like Craig Robinson, so let's call him Craig. I get in the car, we exchange pleasantries and all that. I had just worked 13 hours, so holding a conversation wasn't really on the top of my list, but I'm not an asshole, so I would engage whenever he spoke to me. First, he asked me what I did. I vaguely told him. Then he went on to ask if we were hiring, because he was getting killed by child support and needed a second job. I told him we weren't, but he could apply anyway. There was more small talk where that came from, but then things went left when we somehow got on the topic of Donald Trump.

"I'm about to tell you somethin' that's gonna fuck you up, young brotha", Craig said to me. So I'm like, 'Oh yeah? What's that?' He then goes, "I like Donald Trump. I really do. I voted for him, and I'ma tell you why." Now I'm sitting there irritated because this man is the same color as me talking about he likes someone who doesn't actually give a fuck about us. "Trump is just like us, when you think about it", he continued. "He all about his money. We all about our money. He don't like that gay shit. We don't like that gay shit. He don't want all these foreigners in the country. Neither do we. Black people need to do their research. Trump is on our side."


Now I'm still a good two miles from my house and at this point, I decide I'm not gonna stay in this car with him a second longer. 'Can you do me a favor?', I ask. 'Pull over right here at this gas station.' He looks at me puzzled, because he knows this isn't my destination. "You wanna get out? Why? Because I said I like Trump? That's crazy. You must like Obama, huh? Why? Because he Black? Just like every other Black person, you brainwashed. But that's okay. You have a good night, brotha."

I slammed his door, walked inside the gas station, bought some junk food and called another Uber. We ain't with that racist, xenophobic, ignorant shit, over here.

As part of his 2XXsTuesdays series, PreauXX drops "Jiffy" (Video)

With a new project on the way later this year, Atlanta -- by way of Memphis -- emcee PreauXX recently announced his #2XXsTuesdays series, which will see him releasing a new song or video every Tuesday from now until the big drop.

This week, PreauXX liberates a new clip for "Jiffy", directed by himself and 35 Miles. Described by PreauXX as "an ode to Memphis", "Jiffy", which is produced by Kid Maestro and Handsome Samson, is nothing short of a banger, with a trippy set of visuals that effectively do the song justice.

Peep the clip for "Jiffy" up top. 

With the help of Rae Sremmurd, Childish Gambino is hitting the road


Childish Gambino recently stated that his next album will be his last, and if the music gods don't fail us, maybe we'll get that album this year. In the meantime, the Atlanta renaissance man announced today that he was hitting the road, with Rae Sremmurd, for a Fall tour.

Childish Gambino will touch 14 North American cities, spanning the entire month of September, starting with a September 6 date in his hometown. Peep the full list of dates below and if you're interested in attending a show, presale tickets will be available beginning Tuesday (March 6). 


9.6 Atlanta, GA (Infinite Energy Arena)

9.8 Chicago, IL (United Center)

9.10 Toronto, Ontario (Air Canada Centre)
9.12 Boston, MA (TD Garden)
9.14 New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
9.18 Philadelphia, PA (Wells Fargo Center)
9.19 Washington, DC (Capital One Arena)
9.22 Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
9.23 Dallas, TX (American Airlines Center)
9.26 Inglewood, CA (The Forum)
9.27 Oakland, CA (Oracle Arena)
9.29 Seattle, WA (KeyArena)
9.30 Vancouver, British Columbia (Rogers Arena)

Saturdays Are For Street Art featuring the work of Tom Bob

  "Don't Play The Saxophone, Let It Play You" , seen in Little Haiti

"Don't Play The Saxophone, Let It Play You", seen in Little Haiti

Tom Bob is a street artist based in New York City, known for transforming things like pipes, fire hydrants, electric meters and manhole covers into vibrant pieces that are almost impossible to go unnoticed on city streets all over the country. Check out some of Tom Bob's work, below and for more, check out his Instagram


With 'Father of Asahd' on the way, DJ Khaled recruits JAY Z, Beyoncé and Future for "Top Off"


You gotta love it. DJ Khaled is the king of collaborations and he proves that once more, with "Top Off", an energetic new cut that sees JAY Z teaming up with Future (again), as well as his wife, Beyoncé.

Serving as the first single from Khaled's upcoming album, Father of Asahd, "Top Off" is full of flex-heavy one liners from Jay, not to mention we get a rappin' ass Beyoncé for this one. Throw in a catchy hook from Future, some "Free Meek Mill" shoutouts and just like that, DJ has "Another one."

Peep "Top Off" here

Enjoy the March edition of Satele & Chico Himself's 'Nothing, But Vibes', featuring BOSCO and more


It's the first of the month, so you know what that means. Sure, your rent is due, but also due is a new Nothing, But Vibes installment from Satele and Chico Himself. With the March edition, the pair have blessed us with 21 fresh tracks, for your listening pleasure, featuring BOSCO, Vic Mensa, Jorja Smith and so many more. Stream this month's Nothing, But Vibes on TIDAL, Apple Music or Spotify now.

Sted Lee and Touch Money's 'Good Luck Sted' EP is here


With every unfortunate situation comes an accompanying silver lining. For Sted Lee, that silver lining was found in loss. The passing of multiple loved ones may seem like a heavy burden to bear, but for Sted, it was about honoring their respective memories, as well as remembering the lessons they left behind for him. These lessons would serve as gems for Sted, helping him to maneuver through life, with the common theme being well wishes, no matter the endeavor.

After a great deal of anticipation, the wait is over and Good Luck Sted -- a collaborative EP from Sted Lee and producer Touch Money -- has arrived. Stream it in its entirety below. 

Trippie Redd and Travis Scott kill a shitload of mutants in their new video for "Dark Knight Dummo"

Remember that movie The Hills Have Eyes, about the family who got stranded in the desert, in the middle of nowhere and ended up getting terrorized by these mutants who were essentially the result of government test gone all the way wrong?

It appears that rising Ohio upstart Trippie Redd has seen that movie, as his latest video for "Dark Knight Dummo", featuring Travis Scott , seems to be inspired by such. Watch the gory new clip up above.

Watch Kevin Hart's hilariously awkward interview with Candace Parker

For those who may be unaware, Kevin Hart has a new show on the Laugh Out Loud network called Cold As Balls, where he and notable figures in sports sit in an ice bath and interview each other. Already, the show has featured the likes of LaVar Ball, Draymond Green, and Blake Griffin. On the most recent episode, Kevin sat down with arguably the greatest woman to ever touch a basketball, Candace Parker. The outcome was one of the funnier and more awkward exchanges ever.

Does Candace Parker fart on the basketball court? Watch the clip above and find out.

With "Suu Whoop", YG issues a very stern warning to all the fake Bloods


For whatever reason, it seems like all the rappers are Bloods. We've seen it with emcees like Lil Wayne, The Game, Young Thug , as well as the completely laughable moments given to us by Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, when the two were beefing. Newer artists in the game like Trippie Redd, 6ix9ine and Cardi B are repping the set as well.

The latter might've been the tipping point for YG , who we all know takes this Blood shit to heart. While some Blood sets seem to be okay with letting you throw your B's up, as long as you pay a tax, YG has made it clear that he ain't for it. Remember "Don't Come To LA"? Yeah, well his latest single, "Suu Whoop" is that on steroids. Los Angeles is the place to be this weekend, thanks to the NBA All-Star Game, but you might wanna leave the trendy Blood shit at home. Listen to "Suu Whoop" here.

Hit the streets with VanJess and GoldLink in their new clip for "Through Enough"

If you're one that keeps up with YouTube covers, then Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, collectively known as VanJess may have already caught your attention in the past, as they have covered songs from some of our favorites from artists such as Solange, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Aaliyah, just to name a few. Their latest single, "Through Enough", which features GoldLink, has easily become their breakout hit and partially due to the fact that they give us nostalgic, yet modern day Zhané vibes and of course a sick verse from the DMV spitter.

Thanks to VanJess and the directing of Topshelf Junior, we now have a fun, vibe-filled set of visuals to accompany the song. Watch "Through Enough" up above.


'I Made You A Playlist For Valentine's Day' presented by Chico Himself


If you don't already have music queued up, I Made You A Playlist For Valentine's Day is a good three hours of tunes sure to set the mood, this evening. However, if you need more than three hours, I don't know what to tell you, besides put the Viagra DOWN. My Apple Music family can enjoy part one here, and if you need bonus coverage, there's more on SoundCloud, below.

While some of us were enjoying Valentine's Day, Machine Gun Kelly was celebrating "The Break Up" (Video)

Valentine's Day has come and gone and if you took part, hopefully the day was everything you wanted it to be, whether you spent it with a lover, friends, family or even just yourself. 

One person who probably sat Valentine's Day out, this year is Machine Gun Kelly and this is evidenced by his latest video, "The Break Up", where he gives a pretty girl, who did him dirty, an earful. And rightfully so.  Peep the video above and if you need to break up with someone, MGK can help, as he just launched 1800thebreakup.com

It won't cost you a dime to contribute to Joey Aich's "Fundraiser"


Almost anyone who creates, no matter the medium, will likely tell you that, in some ways they live a double life. Of course, there's the life they live, where they're obligated, and even under some pressure, to consistently bless the masses with their talents, but there is also a time when it's just them, trying to maintain the same level of normalcy as everyone else. One person who can relate to that is Joey Aich.

For his latest record, "Fundraiser", Joey Aich explores the plight of living that previously mentioned double life. Much like you would raise money for new football uniforms, an idea you want to get off the ground or some other worthwhile cause, Joey has been, in a sense, doing the same thing as an emcee. "In 2016, when I started to take music as my career, I felt compelled to put all my focus into the craft", he says. "That meant putting Joey Aich ahead of Joseph Holbert. I felt like I was making these songs and performing them, just to make more money for Joey Aich."

Take a listen to "Fundraiser", below. Joey Aich's new project, If Money Grew On Trees, is slated to drop this year.

Peep the latest trailer for 'Atlanta'

March 1st will be here before we know it and that day will be synonymous with Christmas, as it marks the return of FX's hit show, Atlanta.  Check out the third trailer for what looks to be an exciting and entertaining second season.